Runway Entertainment - Talent & Advertising Agency
Talent Opportunities
Runway Entertainment is a non-exclusive agency that provides models and talents with opportunities in the entertainment industry without tying them down to a contract. Models & talents can continue to work for other agencies or independently and not be revoked for work, so your opportunities are limitless. Runway Entertainment seeks various talents ages 15+.
Advertising Opportunities
Runway Entertainment can assist businesses effectively penetrate the Vietnamese market locally or nationally with over 1.5 million population, a 38% growth in a decade (based on the 2010 Census). We will create an advertising plan to meet your business needs while staying within your budget as well as providing the talents and models for your commercials and ads.
We offer opportunities in the following areas:
  • Commercial/ Acting
  • Ad & Print
  • Runway
  • Spokesmodel & Emcee
  • Singing
  • Dancing
We provide the following services:
  • Catwalk Coaching
  • Advertising portfolio
Runway Models:
      Asian 5'7"+
      Caucasian 5'9"+
Print Models
      Diverse Looks Wanted
Commercial Spokesmodel & Emcees:
Cross Promotional Opportunities:
     Graphic Designer
     Marketing Director

Seeking New Talent
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